Tactical Construction Hours

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Do you offer financing?

YES! We have a number of partnering finance companies that provide immediate approval financing. These include our local banking relationships that can leverage your home's equity for a line of credit, or even a full refinance to roll the roof's cost into the refinance package...

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Do You Have a Contractor’s License and Insurance?

YES! We are fully licensed and insured to complete all General Contracting projects within the State of Florida. Our licensure category allows us the freedom to contract any project size – from $5 to as much as you want to spend...

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What’s Your Background and Experience?

Tactical Construction Group was formed in 2017, and has been serving clients in the Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties since then. We branch out to nearby counties following relationships as well. We’re incredibly thankful for our clients who have trusted us over the last 6 years, and look forward to serving many more!...

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What can I expect at the end of the project?

Upon completion, you and your project manager will do an extensive walkthrough of your remodeled area, giving you peace of mind that all contracted tasks were completed and close out any loose ends.

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Will You Take Care of Permits?

As a State Certified General Contractor and Roofing Contractor, Tactical Construction Group always pull permits when the scope of work requires...

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Are we able to consult beforehand?

The short answer is "Yes!" We offer project management and consultations. The specific requirements vary by county and city permitting agencies, but for the work Tactical Construction Group does, we permit all our work...

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Can You Provide a List of Past Client Referrals?

Yes! To avoid excessively wearing out past clients, our first resume tool is the before and after photos for past projects along with our 5-star Google reviews! We value our reputation and integrity, and we work hard to keep our clients happy. We show up on time, return calls, and do what we promised… no matter what!...

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How do I get started with my new home?

Tactical Construction will help you throughout your whole process. We can assist the selection of your homesite, direct and assist you through the design/drawing process...

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What might affect my timeline?

As with all remodeling projects, each home is unique and may present its own challenges. Also, product availability from the manufacturer could affect your timeline...

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Do we have to meet in person?

Not necessarily.  We can perform all required estimating services without having to meet face to face. While our preference is to meet and get to know our clients, we understand that some people prefer a distanced transaction. We are flexible to meet your needs as you wish, but some advantages...

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Who should I expect in my home?

You will first meet with our project manager to go through your scope of work. After the design contract is signed and materials selections have been made, your project manager will be in contact once everything has arrived...

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Can’t I just DIY?

While some home projects can be “DIY” and turn out fine, construction is not one of them. Always evaluate the risks.  Each year, more than 6,000 Americans are injured or worse from falls in the home...

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Can I stay in my home during the remodel?

The easy answer is, “it depends”. For most smaller renovation projects, we will work around your life and schedule. While we understand that a remodel disrupts your everyday flow of life...

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