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- "Newly remodeled Kitchen and Bathroom...."

Remodeled Home in Tampa Florida with new Kitchen and Bathroom

Project Overview

Newly Remodeled Kitchen and Bathroom

Tactical Construction Group has once again showcased their exceptional craftsmanship in a transformative dual project, seamlessly renovating both the kitchen and bathroom spaces. In the bathroom, the shower is now a sanctuary adorned with new subway tiles, creating a clean and timeless aesthetic. The mahogany woodgrain floor tiles underfoot exude warmth and sophistication, blending seamlessly with the new granite countertop that cradles a sleek porcelain sink. The addition of white shaker cabinets not only enhances storage but also contributes to the overall airiness, amplified by the fresh cool gray paint that adorns the walls. A carefully chosen light fixture adds a touch of elegance to the space, completing the harmonious design.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is a culinary masterpiece, with natural woodgrain tiles underfoot providing a rustic yet contemporary foundation. State-of-the-art stainless steel appliances stand as both functional tools and stylish elements, harmonizing effortlessly with the white shaker cabinets and granite countertops. The white subway tile backsplash adds a classic touch, while the stainless sink, equipped with a high facet, enhances both efficiency and comfort in this culinary haven.

What sets Tactical Construction Group apart is their ingenious approach to cost-effective remodeling. By utilizing the same materials in both the bathroom and kitchen, they have not only created a cohesive aesthetic throughout the home but also ensured a budget-friendly project without compromising on quality. Tactical Construction Group’s commitment to their clients shines through in their ability to deliver exceptional results while keeping a watchful eye on saving costs. In every detail, their dedication to excellence and practicality transforms spaces into works of art that not only delight the eye but also reflect a keen understanding of their clients’ needs.


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