Put our General Contracting experience to use in making sure your deals CLOSE on time!

Services designed with you, our Realtor partners, in mind.

One call for all your real estate construction needs, from home inspection repairs to glaring 4-point inspection deficiencies, we have you covered. We perform all trades of work to make sure your deals are ‘clear to close’ on time.

Services for Our Realtors

Facing issues after a home inspection? Tactical Roofing and Construction can handle all the necessary repairs and corrections, ensuring your client’s home is in perfect condition for sale. Our licensed and insured team knows the importance of concealed defects and potential scope creep. We plan ahead to avoid any additional permitting conflicts.  Covering all trades, needs, and specialties; we make sure that all permitted work is approved and cleared in time for closing.  

Services we offer to ensure that you secure the sale include:

  •        Home Inspection Corrections

  •        Contract Addendum Corrections

  •        4-Point inspection Corrections

  •        Maintenance & Repair Items

Repair Impeccably. Sell Confidently.

The Process


Using your Home Inspection Report or 4-Point Report:

Tactical Construction’s Contractors will work to provide critical pricing necessary in the final negotiations of your deal. We provide
pricing within 24 hours to ensure you have the information your clients need to negotiate properly.

Unclear of the scope that is required?

We also work with clients to educate and advise. Not all inspection ‘deficiencies’ are in fact deficiencies, frequently they are just informational. However, these informational notices can become alarming for the first-time home buyer, or those that don’t fully understand the impacts. We’re here to help! We work to educate clients so they can make the most informed decisions for their own needs and budgets.

Home Inspector notes a litany of problems that are threatening to kill
your deal?

While some might be legit, others might be overzealous and cause unneeded alarm. We work to educate on code, construction, and maintenance-related issues so we can create ‘educated clients’.


After Negotiations

Once the negotiations are complete, send us your addendum repair list and a copy of the inspection report and we can finalize pricing, scope, and materials. Once approved, we can complete work, usually within 7 days, and make sure all permits and approves are done prior to your closing.

Speaking of closing… Did you know we offer PAID AT CLOSING roofing and repairs?!?!

That is right! No out-of- pocket expenses, we will gladly work with the title company to provide all required invoices and clearances, so the paperwork is there waiting for you at closing. Once closed, we are paid via disbursement – saving your clients unnecessary stress and anxiety during the home sale transaction!


Any required permits are included in all our proposals.

This includes the work required to open, inspect, and clear as approved, all building trade permits. We DO NOT work without permits for a scope that would normally require a permit. Our license and insurance require we abide by the rules, and we do so.  That is good news for clients, as they never have to worry about our exposing them to unknown risks related to unpermitted work.


All paperwork is provided directly to the title company.

This insures that your deal is ready and waiting for your sellers/buyers to close. All lien releases, invoices, permit approvals, and warranties are provided well in advance, so nothing is left to the ‘last second’ where so many deals can fall apart.

We’re Your Education Partner

Alleviate your client’s worries, Tactically.

Relationships are important and we value the connection we have with realtors, and will always refer back to you as the real estate professional.

Our team can work directly with buyers and sellers, providing expert advice and a calming ‘voice of reason’ in what can be a stressful time.

Something that may seem “normal” or “not a big deal” to us might sound “Big and Scary” to your client, but we are here to explain the “Easy Fix” and of course “Alleviate Worry.”

Tactical Roofing and Construction has you covered.  Let us be your resource when it comes to the heavy lifting.


Time is of the Essence

Have questions?
Run into something you’ve never seen before?
Are your ‘Spidey senses’ going off and something doesn’t quite feel right?

When it comes to selling or buying a home, time is of the essence. We provide timely estimates to aid in negotiation and decision-making, and we ensure the timely completion of work to keep your deal on track. And don’t worry, we’re always here to answer your call, text, or email. One convenient phone call – making management of your sales easy for you.

Give us a call and Close More Deals On Time with Tactical Construction Group!

We want to be YOUR trusted expert, making sure you are well informed, represented well, and that your clients are treated how you expect them to be treated.

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Tactical Roofing and Construction is a fully licensed, fully insured, and has the experience needed to get the job done.  In the State of Florida, the use of unlicensed contractors by homeowners can result in fines and penalties, that the owner has to pay, not the unlicensed contractor. Avoid unnecessary risks by using licensed and insured contractors!